October 1, 2018
Lounge and dining
Lounge & Dining
October 1, 2018

Whilst we are predominately a furniture company we have the expertise to design , manage and build other projects. Here is a selection of some of our work.

Summerhouses and garden buildings are designed from the ground up and are not bought in buildings. They are made from scratch upon site so therefore are a fully habitable building (Building codes may apply) for that extra space that you may require as your family grows?

Display cabinets, office furniture and hotel rooms are other projects that we have got involved in when approached. We can design , manufacture and install single items to multiple orders if required.

Whole room refurbishments have sometimes been requested from clients that do not want to deal with multiple trades. One of the examples here shows a room that was super insulated before being replastered, decorated and new flooring installed.